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dazeddigital have shot a beautiful film with wmerchandise: Tearing Up Tampa [x]

eugh i love them so much 

Temples Toronto, ON

these are stunning, oh my

Temples Toronto, ON

these are stunning, oh my

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Ok, now this is one of the best cover arts i have ever seen
  • These bands/groups are basically all I listen to right now.
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Johnny Cash on a hunting trip, c. 1960s
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“‎We only have so many faces in our pockets” ― Marlon Brando
  • Feeling chubby and lazy
    Writing. - ‘London wakes’

    I got bored and kind of inspired by listening to Bombay Bicycle Club (who give off a huge London vibe) about writing some weird short thing about London. I don’t know it’s only like 200 words but I liked it. It will grow into a short story probably (when I have time)

    "The sun peered through the blinds, as if with the courtesy  of asking whether it was time to wake her up and filled the room

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    Although i’m £60 in debt to my brother and in debt to him for a Bombay bicycle Club ticket I cannot describe how exciting and fun the last few weeks/months of the summer has been, hanging out having with the best time with all my best friends. I’ve been basically putting off the emotional breakdown i’m going to have knowing that i’m not going to see Billy and OJ for months on end but i’m glad everyone is going onto to do the things they love. 

    Just an update saying things are swell, I have some great things to look forward to (namely Bombay Bicycle Club !!!! Merchandise!!!! Nothing!!! and Superheaven!!!) as well as moving into University on the 21st. It’s an exciting time despite the overwhelmingly speed of it all. 

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