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The big silence is made up of lots of little ones. 
When your brain is turning slow enough you can hear them. 
It’s the first voice you’ve ever heard, 
and the last you’ll know
and it’s always there for the listening 
like eyes that never close.
Merchandise’s Children of Desire record booklet “Desire in the Mouth of Dogs”
  • relaxitisntfair:

A dream in which the lover disappears, 
the child disappears, the desire disappears,
all a dream within a dream. 
Merchandise’s Children of Desire record booklet “Desire in the Mouth of Dogs”
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I just want everyone in the UK to love this band so they will come back to the UK and let me cry and jump around sillily at their shows
  • this is the weirdest short film ever but I love anything the Merchandise guys ever touch so HA
    Anonymous asked:

    I know it's easier said than done but don't let insecure suckers get you down. Those who feel the need to mock others lack in the areas they mock. They have nothing substantial to do therefore find it easier to target those who are actually doing something with their lives. Each fucker who says something to you turn it back ground and read the opposite of what they've wrote because that's what they really think. All in all fuck them time wasters.


    Couldn’t agree more with you Ms/Mr Greyface. I know I shouldn’t let it grudge me but it seems to belittle any attempts I make at feeling normal and accepted within groups of people because i’ve never really fit into any social cliques other than my small group of best friends. I think my ability to do so will grow with time. This was an awesome reassurance whoever you are

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    Paying my Birmingham uni deposit and starting my registration tomorrow for September. I really cannot wait to get to a new place and meet new people but still close enough to see all of my best friends regularly. Also found out today that my big brother has been saving a mini fund for me since he found out I was going to Birmingham and has also offered to lend me the money to pay my loan. I couldn’t ask for a better few people in my life.

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    lol I can’t even upload a selfie or a picture of anything without some cunt making it into a stupid picture or commenting on it. Fuck off and leave me alone there’s bigger problems in your shitty life clearly. Why is it fine for everyone else but me? Leave me alone!

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Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby (1990).

What the fucking fuck is his face
  • I can’t wait to get good and drunk and cry at the Citizen show. i love Citizen.

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she is too adorable